I’m a Front-End Developer

It all started in the late 2008 when a good friend of mine asked me if I knew someone to help him building a website. His budget was so low he couldn’t find a good developer to help him and, being the good guy I am, I decided to do it for free. I started to Google on “how to build a website” and I found a tool called WordPress and suddenly felt in love with coding and building websites.

On my spare time I started learning HTML and CSS. Then a little bit of PHP, JavaScript and jQuery to create my own custom themes or to edit others as needed.

A collage of different pictures from my office

I really never thought it would be possible to change my career (I studied law and worked for a law firm), so I just started to build websites for fun. I helped friends and started to use my coding skills just as a side hustle or for fun until I realized how much I like coding and what a dream it would be to do it on a daily basis.

In 2017 I started learning vanilla JavaScript and on September of that same year I got my Front-End Certification on FreeCodeCamp.

Later I added Node, Express, React, SQL and NoSQL databases to my skills. Meanwhile I was always working and learning new things with WordPress.

Now I’m working as a WordPress and WooCommerce developer and freelancer. When I am not in front of a computer, I’m probably running, listening to some good rock or heavy metal music, reading a book or just hanging out with my dear wife Valentina. my beautiful daughter Chloe and my beloved dog Darth.


Languages and tools I love to use


HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, PHP and Markdown

Libraries and Frameworks

React, Redux, jQuery, ExpressJS and Bootstrap


Git, Github, Node, NPM, Webpack, WordPress/Scripts and Netlify


WordPress, WooCommerce, Contenful and NetlifyCMS


Terminal, ZSH, OhMyZSH, VSCode, Gimp and Canva