About me

It all started in the late 2008 when a good friend of mine asked me if I knew someone to help him to build a website. His budget was so low he couldn't find a good developer to help him and, being the good guy I am, I decided to do it for free. So I discovered "something" called Wordpress and really felt in love with coding and building websites.

On my spare time I started learning HTML and the basic of CSS. Then I began to play just a little with PHP, Custom Post Types, Advanced Custom Fields and some JQuery to create my own themes or to change and modify others as needed. I really never thought it was possible to change my career (I studied law and worked for a law firm) so I just built many websites for friends, used my coding skills for a "side hustle" or simply for fun until I realized how much I like coding and what a dream it would be to do it on a daily basis.

So in 2017 I started learning Vanilla Javascript and on September of the same here I've got my Front-End Certification on FreeCodeCamp. Then I added Node, Express, MongoDB and React to my skills so I could provide Full-Stack Javescript services to clients.

The tools I use daily are HTML, CSS (Sass/PostCss), Wordpress, JavaScript, React and Git. I have experience also with PHP, Node.js, Express, MongoDB and MySQL. Working hard day after day I really want to strengthen my programming fundamentals, improve my JavaScript and build more personal projects to grab more familiarity both on the Front-End and the Back-End. Currently, I am really in love with the JAM-Stack ecosystem and working a lot with GatsbyJS, Markdown, GraphQL, and serverless functions. Actually this website is built with Gatsby, Markdown and many fantastic tools like React-Slick and React-Spring.

When I am not in front of a computer, I am probably running, listening to some good Rock or Heavy Metal music, reading a book, hanging out with my wife Valentina and my beautiful daughter Chloe 💖 or with my dog Darth 🐶.


HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, JQuery, React, Styled Components, Gatsby, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, Git, Gulp


Node, Express, MongoDB, PHP and MySQL

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Wordpress, Woocommerce, Contentful

Operating Systems (OS)

Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Windows (7, Vista, 10)