About me

It all started in the late 2008 when a good friend of mine asked me if I knew someone to help him to build a website. His budget was so low he couldn't find a good developer to help him and, being the good guy I am, I decided to do it for free. So I discovered "something" called Wordpress and really felt in love with coding and building websites.

On my spare time I started learning HTML and the basic of CSS. Then I began to play just a little with PHP, Custom Post Types, Advanced Custom Fields and some JQuery to create my own themes or to change and modify others as needed. I really never thought it was possible to change my career (I studied law and worked for a law firm) so I just built many websites for friends, used my coding skills for a "side hustle" or simply for fun until I realized how much I like coding and what a dream it would be to do it on a daily basis.

So in 2017 I started learning Vanilla Javascript and on September of the same here I've got my Front-End Certification on FreeCodeCamp. Then I added Node, Express, MongoDB and React to my skills so I could provide Full-Stack Javescript services to clients.

The tools I use daily are HTML, CSS (Sass/PostCss), Wordpress, JavaScript, React, Gatsby and Git. I have experience also with PHP, Node.js, Express, MongoDB and MySQL. Working hard day after day I really want to strengthen my programming fundamentals, improve my JavaScript and build more personal projects to grab more familiarity both on the Front-End and the Back-End.

Currently, I am really in love with the JAM-Stack ecosystem and working a lot with GatsbyJS, Markdown, GraphQL, and serverless functions. Actually this website is built with Gatsby, Markdown and many fantastic tools like React-Slick and React-Spring.

When I am not in front of a computer, I am probably running, listening to some good Rock or Heavy Metal music, reading a book, hanging out with my wife Valentina and my beautiful daughter Chloe 💖 or with my dog Darth 🐶.

Programming Languages

Javascript and PHP


HTML, CSS, Sass, JQuery, React, Styled Components, Gatsby, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, Tailwind Css.


Node, Express, MongoDB. And a little bit of MySQL

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Wordpress, Woocommerce, Contentful, Netlify-CMS and Strapi.

Version Control

Git, Github

Operating Systems (OS)

Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Windows (7, Vista, 10) [ I know how to use Mac OS, but Linux is far better ].